The Excitement of First Sales to Print Magazines

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Here’s a snippet:

I still recall, back in 1988 when my son was a toddler, the moment I heard that anybody who put their mind to it could write for magazines.

Even me?

It was quite a revelation – for some reason, I’d thought all magazines were staff written. Or at least written by famous writers. What an eye-opener the truth was! I picked up magazines on newsstands with a fresh eye.

Of course, my next question was, “How?”

How do you know what content magazine editors want?  How do you approach them in a professional way? How would I learn to write well enough? And of course: What do they pay?”

. . .  (continues at Freelance Awakening and Article Sale Dances : Writing for Magazines – CrossConnect Media.)

I hope you enjoy my little journey, as I describe what led to my first, thrilling article sale. I’d also love it if you would like to leave a comment there, telling me about your own first sale, or any other sale of an article or personal experience story (family friendly, please) that excited you. It is a real accomplishment, and I’d like to rejoice with you in that! Tell my readers the title of your article and the print magazine it was published in.

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