New Twitter Page for Christian Writers @Tips4C_Writers

This year I’ve enjoyed using Twitter as @LaurieSargent and have an interesting assortment of followers, from parenting experts to writers. However, since I always seem to be bursting with news and tips specifically for Christian writers, I now have a second  Twitter page, 4 Christian Writers at @Tips4C_Writers (You can see  my current Twitter feed in the Sell Your Nonfiction navigation bar on the right.)

I’ve been connected with people in the Christian writing industry for two decades now, and blessed by many writers, editors, agents and publishers.  Nearly every day some great new writing resource comes to me in an RSS feed, a blog subscription, or directly from one of hundreds of authors I know.

By nature, I’m a “connector”. I feel compelled to share great things that cross my path. I’ve put many on Facebook at  Laurie Winslow Sargent: Tips for Readers, Writers, & the Eternally Curious  and will continue to do so, but think Twitter may be handier for writers to access for quick tips and links.

Q. “How will @Tips4C_Writers benefit me as a writer?”

A: Two ways. You will find: 1. great companies, organizations and people who help writers (in the list of those I Follow, not necessarily those who follow me) and 2. helpful resources and links, in my tweets.

I hope to help writers find information from and about:

  • highly reputable agents
  • book publishers (mostly traditional, royalty publishers within the Christian Booksellers Association: CBA)
  • Christian magazines in print and online
  • a few marketing resources, specifically for writers
  • writing industry publications
  • Christian writing organizations, and
  • authors who teach other writers.


  • writing tips
  • dates/locations for writing events (conferences & workshops)
  • tech tips helpful to writers
  • publisher news
  • anything else I think will benefit writers. I expect my followers to be aspiring, intermediate and advanced writers, or folks who share my love for encouraging writers.

Q. “Will you follow me back if I am an author?”

I will most likely follow you back at @Tips4C_Writers  if you yourself provide valuable help for other writers. (However, I don’t often follow back self-publishing companies, especially ones I’m unfamiliar with.)

However, at my other Twitter page @LaurieSargent, I DO follow back most authors, bloggers, and organizations who help me grow as a person or benefit my followers.  @LaurieSargent is also connected with my parenting blog, and there I follow parenting organizations, child advocacy groups, Christian ministries, educational resources, Christian authors with family-friendly books, some general parenting authors, and family oriented blogs/websites.

I hope you’ll visit @Tips4C_Writers and click on my Lists to see people and companies in the Christian publishing industry and follow my writing-related tweets!



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  1. Posted by francisca on September 19, 2013 at 12:14 pm

    I am christian and busy with womens magazine in south africa. I need writers as the magazine will be launched in Feb 2014


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