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“How do magazines pay writers for articles and stories?”

This post addresses Question 2 (see Magazine Writing Basics for all 12 questions) about how to start writing and selling to magazines.

Q. “How do I get paid for my articles or stories?”

Freelance writers for magazines are usually paid per published word. (Newspapers usually pay per column inch or per column.) How does this translate to actual income?

Articles are usually submitted in 12 pt, Times New Roman font, double-spaced, with 1” margins. This translates to about 250 words per typed page.

A magazine page with all text would have about 1,000 words. Of course, most magazine pages contain at least 1/3 graphics, with plenty of additional white space created by the use of lists, headers, quotes, fillers, etc. Many articles are about 750 words long (in other words, three of your typed, double-spaced pages). In some magazines, features run 2,000 to 3,000 words, but you will notice that material usually includes sidebars or a collection of mini articles on one theme. (I will explain later how to increase your article sales by strategically writing filler and sidebar material.) If you do the math, what this means is:

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“How do writers submit articles to magazines?”

This post addresses question 1 in the Magazine Writing Basics blog series.

(Questions 1 and 2 were also already posted on the static page, Magazine Writing Basics, which also offers an overview of this series. However, that content seems not to have entered the subscription feed.)

This post reveals 12 common steps to publication. REMEMBER that each step will be covered in much more detail in other posts and articles!  This offers simple answers, just to give you the overall picture, and to let you know where you are headed in your new nonfiction writing journey.

Q. “Can you help me understand how the industry works?”

Most magazines buy writing from freelance writers, in addition to having their own in-house writers.  A freelance writer is self-employed and paid per article. Each article you write is a stand-alone product, with its own contract, even if you sell many articles to the same magazine.  Here’s how the process generally works . . .

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